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Mater Dei is an independent, Catholic school for boys, grades 1 through 8. The curriculum is a reasonably fast-tracked one in which consistent effort and reading are emphasized; however, character development is the school's top priority. Religion is taught daily. All classes are generally limited to twenty students. Grades 1 through 4 are housed in the Lower School and grades 5 through 8 are in the Upper School.  Grades 5 through 8 are departmentalized with specialists teaching most subjects. Students have multiple community service opportunities, attend numerous field trips and upper school students participate in an “Outdoor Week.”


In grades 1 through 4, classes are generally between 18-20 students with small groups pulled for reading.  Students participate in daily physical education and recess for 40 minutes each.  Art, music, computers and library are each taught once per week.  Lower school students also attend class field trips and perform community service.

School opens at 8:00a.m., classes start at 8:20a.m. and school is dismissed at 3:00p.m. Homework club is offered Monday through Thursday after school.

Mater Dei School intends to provide an accelerated yet basic Catholic education in which character development is emphasized and appreciated as much as academic accomplishments. In a traditionally structured yet relaxed atmosphere, the students are encouraged to both work and play hard; accordingly, a strong athletic program complements the scholastic curriculum.



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